Case and Accessory Pricing

The following price guide is for standard size cases, upgrades, accessories, and other common options. Pricing may vary depending on the details of custom orders. If you are in need of larger cases or special interior configurations, please give us a call and we'll be glad to work up a quote for you.

Solid Top
Glass Top
12 " Natural Mahogany
14"   Natural Mahogany
16" Natural Mahogany
18"  Natural Mahogany
$340           $373
$390           $423
$445           $480
$520           $565
Red or Brown Mahogany
Spanish Cedar
Birdseye Maple
Peruvian Walnut


Add      $25   $35    $60    $65      $65    $65     $80



Add      $25   $37    $65     $70      $70     $70     $85



Add      $25   $39    $70     $80      $80     $80    $95



Add      $25   $41    $70     $95    $100    $100   $105

Using Natural Mahogany cases as a base price, match up the case type and size to the desired wood type. These pricing examples include weapon fitting and standard Velvet interior. Suede, additional fittings, engravings, carvings, and accessories are additional. 

Removable Interior Dust Lids              12" & 14" cases   $55   16" & 18" cases   $75
Brass Corners                                          $35 each
Matching Display Stands                      $75 - $95   depending on wood type
Suede Interior                                         $40 - $65  depending on size/fitting

Custom carvings and engravings are priced per job. Quotes may include artwork and design time involved in creating images and/or files.

If you wish to use a species of wood not listed, or have material of your own that you wish to have used, please give us a call for pricing and availability.

Visit our online store to see the inventory of cases that are currently available for immediate shipping.

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