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Case Options

Whether you want a clean traditional look, or something with eye-popping figure, we can make it happen. We offer several standard wood species to choose from. Each has it's own distinctive characteristics and final appearance. Some popular options include:

Mahogany - Available in Natural, Dark Brown, Red

Birdseye Maple - Available in Natural or Vintage

Redheart -  deep, vibrant Reds with smoky gray grain

Cherry Natural, medium, or dark. Very smooth finish.

Peruvian Walnut - medium to dark brown grain

American WalnutTraditional and timeless, light/medium brown

Tiger Maplenatural, vintage, brown, or red

There are many other species available. If you have something specific in mind, just let us know. 

We will also make your case using material you supply us. There's something special about putting your grandfather's pistol in a piece of a tree he planted, and we understand that. Give us a call for details.

Wood Type

Korth 2.jpg


Hendrick Engines.jpg
Birdseye Maple
Carved Colt Case 2



Style Case

Interior Options

Decisions, Decisions.

With a variety of colors to choose from in both the Velvet or Suede fabric option, we've got you covered. The Jewelers Velvet is our standard and is available in Red, Burgundy, Black, Blue, and Green. An upgrade to a synthetic Suede opens up a rainbow of colors including tans, blues, reds...the list is long. Both fabrics are safe for long-term metal contact unlike natural leather or silk/felt products.


A very popular option available for solid top cases is the addition of a removable interior glass dust lid. This option provides both an additional "WOW" factor and an extra layer of "look but don't touch" protection. A perfect option for showpieces!

Curly Maple17.jpg

Velvet is available in Red, Burgundy, Navy Blue, Black, and Green.

Parota Case with dust lid 3.jpg
Winchester 2.jpg
Korth Case.jpg

Suede Linings and Interior Dust Lids add a very classy, elegant look to any Solid Top Case

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